Linas Jarasius

CEO and Chairman

For more than three decades, Mr. Jarasius has built and trained middle-market businesses across multiple continents. As the CEO or founder for MXL, SL Corporate Finance and Swiss Avenue Partners, he has also been responsible for leading or advising on multiple merger and acquisition transactions for his own companies and those of his clients. His experiences with business owners and the challenges they faced with understanding the market value of their life’s work led him to create, refine and patent the TEVO Score, a business tool that is fast becoming the defacto standard for determining enterprise value.

Ben Hardt

Chief Information Officer

Ben Hardt has over two decades of experience in technology consulting for small to medium businesses with a focus on healthcare, legal and financial verticals. His expertise is in compliance requirements, encryption and security and managing extensive projects that fuel company growth and ensure a direct link to company direction. His philosophy is to make technology approachable, affordable and, above all, valuable. He attributes the continued success of his technology firm on, not only quality delivery, but also on relationships built on trust.

Sandy Burton

GM, InfoVera Affiliate Program

Sandy Burton has two decades of experience developing enterprise value and international market expansion among small- to medium-sized businesses, primarily through executive and company-wide leadership and training that build strategic planning, operational refinements and profitability modeling. As the CEO and co-founder of Swiss Avenue Partners, Burton developed systems and intellectual properties that increase profitability and marketability among private enterprises, while also creating the Think Big! Program, an MBA-style program that's led hundreds of small businesses through sales, structural and resource management development. She currently serves on the board of advisors for AIESEC Austin, a non-profit that provides leadership to college students, and serves as board president for Tapestry Dance Company and Academy, a nonprofit that provides scholarships to under-privileged children and training for next-generation professional dancers.

Scott Freeman

Chief Financial Officer

Prior to joining the company, Scott held a variety of senior finance positions where he learned the art of providing insight into financial results while actively shaping the future through forecasting and modeling. Scott is passionate about small business as the backbone of the US economy and in applying his 16+ years of experience to helping business owners understand and improve their financial performance through well-informed business decisions. Scott has applied his expertise in a wide range of industries including professional services, software development, real estate land development, service providers (of all types) and private equity. Scott holds a B.S. in Accounting from Utah State, and an MBA from Drexel University. He currently resides in Roseville, CA with his wife Jerusha and their five children. When Scott is not working on his hopeless golf game, he likes visiting interesting places and getting outdoors with his family.

Michael Doss

Sr. Director, Data Analytics

Michael Doss is known for finding solutions. As the in house data architect for Sterling Creek Holdings, Michael is responsible for driving the team in business analysis and strategically finding solutions for the data necessary to create the TEVO Score. His background includes forecasting, monitoring many types of sales and inventory in businesses such as Hewlett Packard and Cambia Healthcare. Michael has served in the US Coast Guard as an aviation survival technician and Helicopter rescue swimmer.