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The problem was straightforward: 20+ million private enterprises had no impartial ally and simple method for identifying and understanding their business worth. As a result, business owners either spend a great deal of time and money to procure a valuation lacking in actionable insight, or they rely on cheap, fast, superficial approaches to valuation.


Problem Solved

We organized the best minds and leading professionals from the financial, technology and business development sectors, to offer a set of proprietary and protected algorithms that use public and private data to produce a unique, yet standardized, Total Enterprise Value Opportunity Score (TEVO). By removing the tedium involved in traditional (highly manual and often expensive) processes, TEVO quickly indicates the worth and risk profile of an enterprise, while accurately quantifying the opportunities that lie between their current and potential valuation. By obtaining a TEVO score, business owners understand the correlation between their individual ratings and a market value based “multiple” (of sales or EBITDA) within an industry specific range. The determination of this multiple is an easy and relatable—yet completely revolutionary—concept in the eyes of business owners. The TEVO score has been tested and proven by customers across multiple U.S. markets.

Obtaining A TEVO Score

Any company can access a TEVO score and access varying levels of data complexity through a dashboard-style interface. Armed with a strong understanding of the value of their company, business owners gain confidence and control in business interactions and negotiations, strengthening their position and widening their options. Insights can be viewed from a simple numerical score, to full reports with score indicators and attributes. Financial institutions and insurance underwriters, with proper authorization and authentication, can access the TEVO score and associated data for individual companies, or in bulk.

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